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Body Leadership Australia is Brisbane's leading dance physiotherapy practice. With over 17 years of experience, our friendly team of physiotherapists specialise in dance specific injuries, treatment and assessments.

Our physio team are passionate about dance. We've been fortunate to have worked with some of dancing's brightest talent including dancers from Australian Ballet School, Queensland Ballet, The Washington Ballet, The New Zealand Ballet, New Zealand Ballet School as well as dance schools across Brisbane.

Our dance specific services include:

  • Injury Assessment and Treatment: In our initial consultations our physiotherapists will assess the injury and use hands on techniques to systematically release the area of concern. Our goal is to guide our dancers back to training and performing, quickly and safely. We aim to educate our dancers about the cause of their injury and teach them strategies that can help prevent future injury.
  • Dance Rehabilitation, Strengthening and Flexibility Programs: Specific programs using pilates techniques can be designed to improve aspects of dancers performance including maximising turnout, ankle control and strength exercises for pointe work, back flexibility and strength to improve arabesque or an overall program to improve alignment, technique and correct muscle imbalances. Consultations are available by appointment with dance pilates specialist Angela Trevethan (Ex Queensland Ballet). 
  • Pre-pointe Assessments: Our physiotherapists will take dancers through a 1 hour assessment of all major joints to identify any joint stiffness, muscle weakness or tightness and alignment issues which may increase the dancers risk of injury when commencing pointe work. Issues are then discussed with dancers and specific exercises are given to correct any problem areas.
  • Dance Assessments: Our dance assessments and screenings are recommended for dancers looking to increase their training or are returning after a rest period. This includes a 1 hour assessment of the dancer's joint range, muscular strength, control and flexibility. After completion of the assessment specific exercises are provided to assist with improving dance technique and to prevent injury.  


To improve your performance to an all new level why not try our Dance Alignment Program. Our Dance Alignment is a systematic 10 session program that will improve flexibility, turnout, muscle length, alignment and posture.

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